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Remember when Kanye leaked this pic? He forever my nigga for this

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I don’t usually reblog these kind of photos but holy SHT her body

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Pale Death

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Who’s Alex?
Billboard demonstrating gender stereotypes as most people automatically assume that Alex is the boy.
Convo between my 7year-old students today
  • Josie: I have a new crusshhhhh
  • Matt: Me too! On a boy!
  • Pearl: You're a boy with a crush on a boy?
  • Matt: Yeah he's really cute.
  • Pearl: Oh.
  • (pause for a bit)
  • Matt: Boys can like boys. I just can't marry him because boys can't marry boys.
  • Me: Yeah they can. You can marry whoever you want.
  • Matt: Really?
  • Josie: YEAH my tia has a wife so now I have a titi and a auntie.
  • Matt: Okay. Then maybe I'll marry him.
  • Dave: (from across the room) No you can't you're seven.
  • (Age was apparently the only foreseeable problem anyone of my elementary schoolers could see with gay marriage.)


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